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VIPER 150 is the new device of Spark’s Omnieye line that combines both radar and video technologies for effective perimeter control. A new anti-intrusion perimeter system for companies, building sites, stadiums and private houses that reduces installation and maintenance costs.

Thanks to its software manager (available in both English and Italian), VIPER – the acronym of Video Perimeter Radar – allows controlling a perimeter from 0 to 150 meters just by drawing it on a map.

VIPER 150 gives a notification in case of perimeter violation and supports object classification. The device automatically records the scene to double-check the alarm. It is also possible to set working days and times.

Omnieye VIPER 150

Omnieye VIPER 150

VIPER is equipped with a 24 GHz radar and two 2MP @ 25 FPS cameras, one for short and one for long sight. A third sensor covers the blind spots. The hardware is also equipped with an SFP port that can accommodate fiber optic cable connections.

This device is going to be integrated with ARGO, our video management system platform.

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