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In 2020 Spark, DPControl and Bridge 129 created TTM Technology to develop together smart vision projects for a wide range of tech projects in security, access control, smart retail, smart cities and industrial applications.

TTM Technology

DPControl is based in Nocera Inferiore (Salerno) and develops high performance and low consumption systems for image processing and machine vision, such as the DAXPY platform that integrates sensors, processors and the next-generation FPGAs. AI applications to solve several problems.

The company develops core technologies used by Spark to create new solutions for custom needs, from concept to finished product and its real implementation.

Bridge 129 is the system integrator that provides consultancy and solutions for various projects, in particular for the public service. The company has a specific license from the Ministry of Transport to control accesses in Limited Traffic Zones. Bridge 129 is based in Reggio Emilia.

Combining different skills and expertise, TTM Technology can create new custom computer vision systems. The whole process is centralized, from research to production with new generation tools, up to the testing.

Totem TTM Technology