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We are proud to have landed in Taiwan

Technology Research and Development Center

Creativity and technology

Spark’s Italian touch

Bringing Italy closer to where the most advanced technology is created and developed in order to acquire the know-how which has allowed us to think outside the box on a daily basis: this is how we undertook the journey which led us towards Taiwan, where a genuine software research and development support laboratory is now located.

But let’s take a step back…

The start of our journey

Spark was founded back in 2012 in the city of Reggio Emilia, in an area in the north of the city historically dedicated to industry, but is now the privileged setting for the process of innovation and internationalization that the city is undergoing. The company was born of the desire of a group of engineers and researchers to experiment. By combining their strengths and expertise, their goal was to build video cameras which pushed the limits of vision systems.

From this dream came Nitida 1.0, one of Spark’s first cameras, an accurate representation of that courage to forestall the future, the technological instinct typical of a company which was not content to sit back and watch, but rather wanted to become a leading player in the continuously evolving market of video surveillance and vision systems more generally.


Technology without compromise.
Spark takes on the challenge of creating compromise-free video surveillance solutions


Ultra-HD Technology.
The company’s courage to follow its technological instincts gave rise to Spark’s first video camera: Nitida 1.0


Italian inSight.
A winning combination of creativity and technology gave rise to Argo, the VMS developed by our R&D team

Our present is the future

Today Spark is, to all intents and purposes, a pocket-size multinational with an Italian spirit – part of holding company TTM Top Technology Mission – characterized by mental and organisational flexibility, with a multidisciplinary team which is able to interpret reality and put itself at the service of the customer and contemporary lifestyles.

A company able to fuse creativity, beauty and design with technology to create previously unimaginable solutions. An international team guided by our Italian headquarters, also home to the production site where our solutions are designed and built, from the prototype and testing to the finished product. A future-focused team which presents itself not as a supplier, but rather as a technological partner able to involve customers in the design of innovative and different solutions which meet the specific requirements of numerous contexts, such as stadia, airports and smart cities.

Together we design smart vision systems

We experience first-hand the technological development in an ever-changing world