Software suite for Spark's solutions


More than a Video Management System

ARGO is the heart of Spark’s solutions. A complete platform: the recorder for video management and storage; the directory service for centralised management of users; the client to make all the information immediately accessible and easy to use; the player for the reproduction of exported films with digital zoom feature.  A scalable solution based on a distributed client-server architecture, an open system that can be expanded with extreme ease and reliability. Argo can integrate other systems and manage events, alarms and advanced video analysis applications, such as EVA Perimeter.

ARGO VMS main features:

  • Native support for Spark IP cameras
  • Support of other cameras thanks to Onvif S protocol RTSP
  • Support of generic cameras via RTSP stream
  • Scalable to an unlimited number of servers and cameras
  • Multilevel user rights with customisation options
  • Camera’s multi-profile management
  • Multiencoder management
  • Creation of customised multilevel maps with browsing system
  • Remote device network setting
  • Devices’ date and time synchronization
  • Touch screen support
  • Proprietary player for the reproduction of exported videos with digital zoom feature (download here)
Download ARGO datasheet

EVA Perimeter

Enhanced Video Analytics
for perimeter control

EVA Perimeter is a server-based video analytics solution for perimeter protection, designed for small to large-scale installations.Compatible with Spark cameras and ARGO VMS, EVA Perimeter is a reliable system for outdoor human and vehicle intrusion-detection.

EVA Perimeter system features:

  • Server-based deployment of human and vehicle intrusion-detection analytics for supported IP cameras
  • Automatic mitigation of environmental effects in order to filter nuisance alarms: weather, foliage movement, shadows, animal presence, headlights, etc…
  • Simple and quick to install with unique auto-calibration of cameras to reduce installation effort
  • Event alarms defined using an intuitive graphical interface
  • Full integration (alarms and metadata) with ARGO VMS
Download EVA Perimeter datasheet
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How EVA Perimeter can be used?

The ideal solution for critical installations such as: airports, stadiums, logistics centers, border patrol and government buildings. EVA Perimeter can be used to detect four different scenarios.


When one or more individuals or vehicles enter a predetermined zone.
Example: detecting a person entering an unauthorised area.


When a person or vehicle is moving in a predetermined zone for longer than a predefined number of seconds.
Example: detecting a person loitering in a car park at night.

Zone crossing

When a person or vehicle passes through two predetermined zones in a given order and direction.
Example: detecting a person entering a site over the perimeter fence.

Conditional zone crossing

When a person or vehicle enters a predetermined zone without coming from one or more predetermined zones.
Example: detecting a person exiting a building

Spark Installer

Quick and easy installation for Pro-View cameras

Spark Installer is specially designed for system integrators. Intuitive interface and simplified system set-up, enabling an efficient installation process and significantly reducing installation time.

  • Wireless mobile connection: simplicity in your hand.
  • Device manager: display and configuration, all-in-one.
  • Camera groups: organize cameras as you wish.
  • Smart find function: find the camera with just a click.
  • Logbook: Store and share snapshots and notess.

Available for SPARK Pro-View cameras, with embedded Wi-Fi module.