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Spark presents Sens-Cam AI, the brand-new platform for security, smart city, and business intelligence applications.

Thanks to a dedicated neural network accelerator, Sens-Cam runs advanced AI-based applications, acquiring information on the scene in real-time, in addition to observing and performing all the functions of an IP camera.

Sens-Cam AI supports people and vehicle classification, object counting, movement detection and tracking, and can generate advanced statistics such as heat maps, a density visualization of people and vehicles over time.

Spark Sens-Cam AI

Sens-Cam AI, also with embedded Wi-Fi

Sens-Cam AI fits different contexts, like shopping centers, parking lots, stations, and wherever data have become more important than images. In a store, for instance, Sens-Cam AI can perform surveillance functions and calculate crowd density in real time, providing the total number of daily visitors.

Based on the collected data, it’s possible to make smarter decisions. Predictions can help businesses to provide better service for customers, better user experience, and improve cost efficiency, to name just a few potential benefits.


Sens-Cam AI at Sicurezza Milano 2021

Through the web interface, it’s possible to manage¬†settings, notifications, and event actions, such as sending emails and recording videos, with high privacy protection. Sens-Cam AI provides easy access to video and metadata via cable or wi-fi¬†(new Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax) making it easy to integrate with third-party systems and software. Furthermore, Sens-Cam AI is ONVIF compliant (profiles S and T).

The design is elegant and supports several installation modes, horizontally and vertically, according to the angle required for the final application.

All AI applications are embedded, without requiring any server and infrastructure costs. New applications can be added to Sens-Cam AI on demand, like the face mask detection showed at CES 2022.

Sens-Cam is made in Italy and introduces Spark’s new AI camera series.