Omnieye Solutions

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Omnieye Security is the brand of Spark that merges the best technologies into new solutions.

Complete your security project using Omnieye solutions

Integrated systems

Selected technologies


Spark researches and chooses the best technologies to make Omnieye solutions for security needs.

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Featured solutions

Termoscanner Access Manager

Thermal detection

Omnieye devices allow you to automatically measure people’s body temperature by framing the face or placing the wrist next to the device. More info

  • Fever detection
  • Mask check
  • Face Recognition

Access Control

Using Omnieye access control solutions, you can manage more devices simultaneously and all the information to raise an area’s security level.

  • Device management
  • People counting
  • Gate control
Bullet Omnieye Smart

Smart series

Omnieye’s cameras and devices to satisfy technical and budget requirements of different indoor and outdoor applications.

  • High robustness
  • Easy to install
  • Budget-friendly

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