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Nitida 2.0 camera packs 20 megapixels at 25 frames per second thanks to the new combination made by Spark between processor and image sensor.

Nitida 2.0 Spark Security CameraWith the latest 4K and 5K image resolutions, Nitida becomes a family of 3 professional IP cameras ideal to observe even the most dynamic scenes in very large areas without losing any moment and detail.

Nitida 5K camera provides an image resolution of 16 MP at 25 Fps with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Nitida 4K is more precisely a 4K2K camera, because it goes beyond the standard UltraHD resolution, reaching 9 MP at 25 Fps with a 17:9 image ratio.

ModelMax ResolutionFrame rateAspect Ratio
Nitida 4K9 MP4096×216025 Fps17:9
Nitida 5K16 MP5376×302425 Fps16:9
Nitida 2.020 MP5472×364825 Fps3:2

With Nitida Series cameras it is possible to cover very large portions of different contexts, both indoors – such as shopping centers, arenas, stations – and outdoors, for example stadiums, squares, airports, using fewer cameras and spending less money. Thanks to the Micro Four Thirds system, it’s possible to choose from many lenses the one that better suits any specific vision needs.

Nitida 2.0 Spark Security CameraNitida camera is ONVIF S and T compliant and is equipped with a MicroSD slot plus a USB 3.0 port for image storage, preventing network overload. Furthermore, all models support H.264 and H.265 video compression and Smart Codec function for bandwidth optimization, as well as advanced features such as multistreaming and Defog.

Nitida 2.0, Nitida 5K and Nitida 4K are armed with a powerful neural network accelerator to use performing video analysis algorithms on edge.