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NITIDA 2.0 is a real-time ultra-high resolution camera, the first Micro Four Thirds system camera made by Spark.

Nitida 2.0 Spark Security Camera

Nitida 2.0 camera

Micro Four Thirds system (often shortened in MFT , M4:3 or M4/3) makes it possible to exchange lenses according to context and needs, taking more control over the field of view.

In the past few years, the security world has been using this new technology to take advantage of higher sensor resolution while maintaining wide-angle capacity and avoiding the vignetting effect.

It’s possible to choose between motorized, manual and fixed lenses, with optical image stabilizer in some cases. For example, from the same distance but with different M4/3 lenses, you can monitor the car traffic on a roadway using 150 pixels per meter or exploit a density of 330 px/m to read the license plates of the cars in the entry lane. In the same way, it’s possible to see what happens in a 50-meters wide square or decide to deeply watch a 4-meters area of interest.

There are different manufacturers of Micro Four Third lenses such as Olympus and Panasonic. All MFT lenses are extremely handy and robust and are relatively cheap thanks to the open standard. They are interchangeable between different brands because adopting the same mount system.

Click here to see the tested lenses list from 8 to 300 mm compatible with Nitida 2.0 camera.