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The combination of 20 megapixels with 25 frames per second makes Nitida 2.0 unique. This camera offers the quality needed to observe and analyze wide and complex environments, such as squares, stadiums and stations.

With Nitida 2.0 it is possible to get a timelapse and compress hours or even days of footage into just a few seconds or minutes. Timelapse is the solution for capturing moments that happen in an extended period of time, such as people and car flow in a specific area or a construction site development.

You can set up the image capturing frequency from 1 per minute to 1 per day, also using a weekly schedule. For example, it is possible to capture one frame every 5 minutes, from Monday to Friday, from 6 am to 7 pm. All these images can be saved in a folder for the final export.

Nitida retro

Nitida 2.0 ports

Nitida 2.0 has two Micro SD slots and one 3.0 USB port for external hard disks. The camera can be placed in an appropriate case for any outdoor application.