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NITIDA 2.0 camera is now ONVIF profile T compliant supporting advanced camera settings and H.265 video streaming on any ONVIF T compatible client.

ONVIF is an international standard for cameras and other security devices, which makes it possible to use and switch different hardware and software without impacting the whole system  functionality.

NITIDA 2.0 is the Spark’s camera that merges a very high resolution (20 Mp) with a superior frame rate (25 Fps), a unique combination for dynamic, high-quality images in large spaces.

Telecamera Nitida 2.0

NITIDA 2.0 camera

The H.265 compression offers better data compression at the same level of video quality. ONVIF profile T additionally allows changing the image settings of NITIDA 2.0 such as brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and makes user authentication safer.

Furthermore, ONVIF profile T supports multicast streaming, configuration change notifications, jpeg snapshots, and digital inputs and outputs management.
NITIDA 2.0 already supports also ONVIF profile S, the standard for basic camera settings and H.264 video streaming to ONVIF profile S compliant clients.