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The flexibility to watch the world from different viewpoints, at all times

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Intelligent control in real time

The Lumina is a PTZ camera whose pan, tilt and zoom features, its automatic adjustment of the smart IRs, and its Wide Dynamic Range, enable monitoring of wide areas even in hostile conditions and in poor light.

UNICA Backplate, the intelligent mounting system
Smart IR with intelligent modulation of the amount of light issued
Aluminium housing, tested to IP66, for protection against inclement weather
Motorised varifocal lenses for maximum installation flexibility
30X optical zoom
Non-stop 360° rotation


LUMINA | Pro-View


Resolution and frame rate

2 Mp (with WDR up to 120 dB), combined with 30 Fps to grab the most dynamic scenes

Lenses and zoom

Motorised varifocal lenses for optimum control of the surveillance area and maximum installation flexibility. 30X optical zoom: image quality guaranteed for any focal length

Day-vision and night-vision

Smart IR and Wide Dynamic Range technology enable the automatic adjustment of the intensity of the illuminators depending on the amount of light in the room for the guarantee of excellent image quality in any light and regardless of the subject’s distance from the camera. The adaptive IR illuminator guarantees an illumination distance up to 150 m.

Operating temperature

-30°C | + 60°C

Excellent performance even in the most hostile environments

Video analysis

On-board analytics: audio detection, tampering detection

Easy, quick and smart installation

The UNICA backplate, the intelligent mounting system, patented by Spark, reduces the time and cost for fitting, maintenance, replacement and updating of the video surveillance system.


Our software for managing videos, events and alarms.

LUMINA datasheet

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What our customers have to say

The classic features of a PTZ camera and its effectiveness in conditions of poor light, definitely make this the ideal product for tough applications, where it is important to have a full view of what is going on.

Luminosity and 360° vision

A wide field of vision combined with excellent image quality are the main features of a camera designed to guarantee maximum protection and full detail.

UNICA mounting system

UNIversal Clever Accessory

Spark has invented, designed and patented a mounting mechanism for Pro-View cameras offering numerous benefits for installers.

The internal memory stores all the main camera settings
Spark Fast Lock, the fast and secure mounting and fitting system
IK10 and IP66: resistance to impact and inclement weather with the camera in position

Smart Automatic Setup

The UNICA has its own internal memory to store settings relating to user profiles, network configurations and other video parameters. In case of replacement, the new camera will enter into operation as soon as it has been connected, without the need for additional configuration.

Maintenance made simple

The UNICA is compatible with all Pro-View cameras (bullet, dome and PTZ), to give installers the guarantee of maximum flexibility when replacing cameras or updating the video surveillance system leading to considerable cost savings.

Fast Fitting

With the Spark Fast Lock system, the camera can be mounted and fitted on any post, wall or ceiling in a few, easy steps and without the need for special tools, even after the UNICA has been mounted, at no additional cost.

UNICA datasheet

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