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Spark’s Kiara and Mira cameras are both IP68 and IK10 rated, at the highest levels of international security standards.

The IP code is a value set by the International Electrotechnical Commission to classify the protection degree of electrical and mechanical devices against dust and liquids. IP68 indicates very high impenetrability from sand and water.

On the other hand, The IK code was introduced by the EU to rate the resistance of cases and housings against impacts and vandalism. IK10 marks the highest level of strength.

Mira e Kiara

Mira and Kiara

Kiara is Spark’s bullet camera and Mira is the dome one. Both pro-view cameras are designed and built using the best materials to fit even in the most hostile environments, where atmospheric and external agents can be harsh. An IP68 + IK10 rated camera can make the difference in security projects from both a technical and legal point of view, especially in critical contexts due to dust, bad weather, and vandals.

Kiara and Mira are available in 2 Mp, 5 Mp, and 8 Mp (4K) versions and have an interchangeable UNICA backplate with an internal memory that keeps camera settings, network configurations, and other streaming parameters. All Spark’s cameras are Onvif S compatible.