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When technology meets creativity, design expertise and a strong bent for problem-solving, this is when previously unimagined solutions able to change the paradigm of video surveillance and other vision systems come into being.

This is how, in late 2018, Spark refreshed its identity and, with the passion which has set its team apart since its founding in 2012, the company set about preparing for 2019, a year which will see the launch of new video cameras, our VMS and video analytics solutions – in other words, the key ingredients for the professional systems Spark offers to stadia, airports and smart cities.

This renewal process begins with our new website. This will be a staged unveiling, where you can, as of now, discover:

  • Our mission, our vision and the values we also wish to share with our customers each and every day
  • Our team, starting with the group in Reggio Emilia and Desio, and subsequently everyone in Taiwan, at our software R&D laboratory.

You need only wait a few weeks, on the other hand, before you will be able to find our catalogue on the site and discover our new products and solutions, as well as the projects we have handled over the last few years.

But if you want to set up an appointment to meet us first hand and touch the amazing combination of design and technology close up, our sales & marketing team is at your disposal.

If you are already a user of our products, on the other hand, and require technical support, please contact us with any requirement you might have, or visit our support ticketing site.