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A heatmap shows graphically the occupancy of an area in a timeframe. It is an advanced statistical analysis tool that helps to better understand people’s behavior. In the heatmap, the floor will appear colored based on the number of people who passed by and their time of stay: orange/red for the most frequented areas, green/yellow for the others.

Sens-Cam AI sunshield

Traditionally, heatmaps are created using server-based systems, but thanks to the new Sens-Cam AI camera, heatmaps can also be generated directly from the device, exploiting the power of embedded artificial intelligence. Sens-Cam AI automatically distinguishes the elements in the scene, including people and their movements, using its neural network accelerator to process and provide the user with images and information such as the heatmap.

Embedded AI-based solutions are less expensive and more scalable. For example, Sens-Cam AI can process heatmaps, control accesses and count people, combining security and business intelligence purposes in a single device. It offers valuable metadata that can support the decision process.

For example, heatmaps allows shops and shopping centers to identify areas where customers spend more time. They help also in other contexts, such as airports, stations, offices, and wherever it is interesting to understand how people move.