Top-Sight cameras

The other series of Spark cameras

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Find out more about the other series of Spark cameras

Pro-View cameras

Designed for solutions in critical and high-security environments, where the system reset time must be as limited as possible, Pro-View cameras are ONVIF compatible, complete with smart lighting technology, on-board analytics and a WiFi module as standard for a simplified installation in indoor or outdoor environments. Compatible with the UNICA backplate, the cameras are designed to last and give the user the guarantee that the product will still be available in the future for system expansion.

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Smart-eye cameras

Professional yet cost-effective cameras designed for a wide range of potential applications: the Smart-Eye line is designed with housing suitable for indoor or outdoor use; its high resolution and high frame rate – combined with Smart Codec technology- guarantee quality images with no impact on the band width and system memory. Starlight sensors and Smart IR technology also make Smart-Eye cameras the best solution for video surveillance in poor light.

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