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Outdoor cameras often deal with hostile weather conditions such as fog and mist that can prevent a clear view. Nitida 2.0 has a dedicated Defog feature that reduces the impact of these atmospheric agents on the image.
Nitida 2.0 is the only camera that combines a very high resolution with a high frame rate (20MP @ 25 FPS). The camera is now also available in 4K and 5K image resolution and supports powerful AI features for embedded video analysis.
Nitida’s Defogging is an algorithm that analyzes the scene in real-time, improving image color, contrast and sharpness pixel by pixel. It’s a dynamic feature that automatically adapts to fog intensity for the best result, making objects and people recognition easier.

Nitida Camera Defog

In case of severe weather, the Defog feature of Nitida 2.0 camera can be manually adjusted to correct the image according to user needs.
Nitida 2.0 is an IP camera ONVIF S and T compliant.