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Spark’s R&D team has built a new solution dedicated to perimeter security.

From today, the anti-intrusion sensors produced by TSec, one of the leading companies in this sector, are perfectly integrated into our ARGO software platform.

Sensori TSec

Macs system and TSec’s Inxpect sensor

ARGO is the heart of Spark’s solutions. Built as a video management system, Argo has quickly become a platform for customized solutions.

TSec is a company that shares with us the aim to innovate the security market. Together we have studied and implemented this solution that merges the perimeter control system with the potential of any other security system in the same context, such as video surveillance or fire prevention systems.

It is now possible to quickly identify and verify the alarm signals thanks to a clear overview of the commercial, industrial, or even residential area. You can also set automatic actions, such as pointing the camera when the alarm is triggered and recording  the video signal.

This solution is adaptable to any existing condition and is perfectly scalable in case of installation of other devices and cameras.