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ARGO 2022.1.0 release introduces the brand new ANPR module (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) for all security and access control applications based on vehicle registration plates.

ARGO is our software for video and metadata management. It supports all Spark’s devices and third-party cameras via ONVIF protocol.


ARGO ANPR user interface

ARGO ANPR saves both the plate image and the number detected by LPR cameras, together with any other information available, like the vehicle type (car, motorcycle, bus…), and registers all of them into the database. You can search and export plates, create white, black and customized lists, triggering various actions even on different gates, for example open/close or send a warning.

ARGO ANPR integrates Milesight‘s LPR cameras, including the innovative Pro Bullet Plus LPR camera that combines AI functionality and radar technology. If requested, ARGO can also support LPR cameras from other manufacturers.

Combining these features, ARGO software automatizes processes and increases efficiency, while maintaining ease of use and low costs. ARGO ANPR supports multiple applications, such as parking access, lane-entrance monitoring, and the automatic registration of entering vehicles.

At the same time, ARGO can manage other security systems, such as fire and anti-intrusion sensors, integrating systems with different uses and purposes into a single interface.