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Spark’s brand Omnieye camera Advanced series became the first batch of 2022 to pass Taiwan government issued IoT Cyber Security certification, providing Spark customers with an extra guarantee of network security protection.

Motorized bullet BM1 and BM2 and PTZ camera PM1 have been certified and announced. The other Advanced series camera models have also been certified, pending announcement. It is expected to have the complete Advanced series certified and announced by the end of January. To view the list of IoT Cyber Security certified products, please click here.

2022 first batch to pass IoT Cyber Security Certification

With the advent of the IoT era, information security threats are increasing every day. It is Spark’s goal to improve product cyber security and give consumers a peace of mind. Spark will continue to provide customers with higher quality and safer products.

To learn more about Advanced series camera, please click here.