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Spark’s solution dedicated to access control automates, speeds up and simplifies the 3 most common anti-Covid measures: fever detection, mask checking, gathering prevention. The right use of hardware and software can help us raise the security level in shops, offices, fairs, stations, hospitals, schools, and any other closed place.

Controllo Accessi Spark

Spark’s anti-Covid solution

Individual fever and mask check

Fever is detected framing the face or, in another version, placing the wrist next to Thermoscan by Omnieye, a tablet-sized device that can be easily installed at the entrance to any area using dedicated supports for desk, wall and the floor. A completely automatic solution that does not require dedicated personnel and has all commands in Italian.

The Omnieye Thermoscan detects the temperature in less than 1 second and a ± 0.3 ° C margin. The device gives a warning in case of high temperature and blocks the opening of an automatic gate when connected via digital I / O. The thermoscan also checks if the person wears a face mask. The function has the same effect regardless of the type of mask used.

Omnieye Thermoscan has an optional face recognition feature and an RFID-reader for a higher security level in private areas.

People flow

Spark is the main partner of Tiandy in Italy. Using a Tiandy‘s thermal bullet camera, it’s possible to detect the body temperature and check the face mask of several people simultaneously up to 10. The best solution for busy places with high people flow such as stations, airports, schools, trade fairs and shopping centers.


Tiandy’s thermal camera

People counting

Minidome Milesight

Milesighr people counting camera

Spark had added a people counting feature to its access control solution to calculate the number of people in the observed area thanks to a second thermoscan or an environmental camera. Using a Milesight people counting camera, it is possible to block other accesses when the limit is reached, preventing dangerous gatherings.

Access Manager

Spark’s Access Manager platform is the heart of the whole solution, a web-based software developed to control all the information and manage thermoscans and people counting cameras, activity logs, white/black-lists, accesses and alarms.

Access Manager Spark

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