We are Spark

Innovation, intuition, vision.

Italian inSight

Italian inSight is our outlook on the world; our unique way of interpreting reality. It is creativity coming together with technology and reaching the heights of innovation. It is listening, flexibility in design and problem solving. It is intuition. It is the solution that had never crossed anyone’s mind before. It is ambition, passion and courage. It is Italian style, beauty and design. It is uniqueness. It is vision.

Our vision

Driven by the courage of those who do not fear to explore the unexplored, we want to go beyond the visible and become pioneers in the vision of the future, setting the benchmark in new smart vision systems. This is how we respond to the incessant changes in a constantly evolving realm. Every possible world needs the ambition and intuition of a company with the capacity to anticipate the needs of tomorrow by looking at how things stand today.

To see the unseen through the eye of technology
Our mission
We cater to specific needs by creating unique, smart high-performance systems that fuse Italian creativity and state-of-the-art technological expertise.

Our values

Cutting-edge culture

We interpret all of the many facets of reality. Attentively observing contemporary lifestyles, we contemplate today’s demands in order to anticipate tomorrow’s needs.

Problem-solving attitude

Every single one of our clients and all of their needs spur us on towards creativity and research. After all, finding innovative solutions is the cornerstone of our work and the reason why we exist.

Thinking outside the box

We are driven by our instinct to change things. We revolutionize the perspective on reality to find solutions where others would not even think of looking, so that we can amaze the market and ceaselessly rediscover our uniqueness.


We believe in a culture of collaboration. Guided by the same passion, we know how to move in the same direction and bring out the best of the skills and points of view of others.

Together we design smart vision systems

We experience first-hand the technological development in an ever-changing world

We are proud to have landed in Taiwan

Technology Research and Development Center

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