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Smart Vision Solutions

We offer the best AI-powered vision technologies for smart cities, business intelligence and security needs.

We design vision systems
We build intelligent cameras
We distribute Milesight in Italy

Latest news

Omnieye Advanced

Omnieye’s latest line is the Advanced Series, a set of high spec cameras at affordable prices.

Sens-Cam AI

The new intelligent device for security, smart city, and business intelligence applications.

Nitida 2.0

The AI-camera that merges a very high resolution (20 Mp) with a superior frame rate (25 Fps).

We have the best in class solutions for your security project

Sens-Cam AI black


We design and build elegant and robust cameras made in Italy. And together with our partners, we complete the offer with all the devices you need for your project.



We develop a powerful software to manage our security solution. Not only a video management system but a complete and expandable platform.


Artificial Intelligence

We manage artificial intelligence algorithms to solve real problems. Our R&D team integrates the best tools for embedded video analytics features.



Our software platform can integrate other security systems and devices. A complete solution to manage events, alarms and advanced actions in efficient way.




The real-time camera that merges a very high resolution (20 Mp) with a superior frame rate (25 Fps). Made in Spark.


The elegant bullet camera IK10 and IP68-rated. Made for the most hostile environments.


The complete solution for fever control and mask detection. To raise the security level.


The heart of Spark’s solutions. Video Management System, system integrations and artificial intelligence features.

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Contact us for any question or for telling us what you are looking for.

    Beyond security

    Spark uses the best core technology to build custom solutions.

    TTM Technology

    TTM Technology is an Italian group of companies with different computer vision skills, from solution concept up to the final application.