Traffic & city survelliance

Traffic surveillance of both inner city and suburban roads, as well as city surveillance and large car parks, is currently provided by the installation of large numbers of cameras throughout the territory. Spark offers a cutting-edge solution that makes it possible to receive concentrated information on extensive areas, whilst at the same time allowing the possibilityto obtain images of even the smallest detail.

Spark provides a fully comprehensive system that can be used to replace and/or support existing technology, making it possible to retrieve information on very large areas (urban districts, crossroads, parks, squares, car-parks…) whilst at the same time providing images of even the finest detail.

This means that the surveillance office will have a specialized tool at its disposal both for real time control of the situation and for subsequent analysis of events, with the crucial purpose of providing useful information, combating terrorism and crime, investigating accidents and improving the level of service to citizens.

Spark’s approach to surveillance allows savings in both required bandwidth and storage systems without compromising on quality. This put Spark’s systems ahead of the competition where quality (compression rate) and resources (bandwidth and storage) need to meet compromises.