Spark has revolutionized professional video surveillance
by developing its own system, 
Spark Professional Surveillance System,
based on the principle that priority should be given to providing
security operator
with the best possible images every time.

universal clever accesory

Always attentive to the needs of those who install and use the cameras, Spark has invented, designed and patented a special mounting mechanism which offers multiple advantages for the user. As from now, mounting and operating a camera will be child’s play!






The new design of Spark cameras not only satisfies the criteria of looking good, but is also conceived to give excellent performance in the most hostile of environments. The passive ventilation system designed by Spark significantly improves camera performance in very hot conditions, over 60°C.


Spark has invested in the materials used in its casings, in order to give TOTAL security. The casings, made entirely in aluminium at thicknesses of up to 5 mm, ensure unparalleled resistance to shock and vandalism.

day&night vision

no IR

For all installations in sites with artificial lighting, a version without a built-in lighting system is available. The camera still has the day/night features with removable automatic filter, to optimise image quality with changes in lighting conditions.

improved image

Smart IR always guarantees correct lighting of the subject monitored, regardless of distance from the camera. The system modulates the power of individual LEDs, driven by an algorithm which can recognise the position of the subject. The integrated illuminator is fitted with 6 high-power LEDs with progressive opening angle lenses. Furthermore, the field of illumination adjusts according to the focal length of the lens. Smart IR by Spark features an impressive  depth of illumination, up to 50 min normal conditions.


The Dual Light system consists of mixed white and infrared lighting technology. The infrared LEDs are used at night for motion detection. Once the camera has detected the presence of a person, the white LEDs are switched on and the camera instantly reverts to daytime mode. The advantage of this system is that it gives colour images even at night, but only when there is movement in the monitored area. Moreover, the camera functions as a spotlight, creating a deterrent effect.


Spark cameras are equipped with a wifi interface, designed exclusively for the installation phase. Once installation is complete, the device switches off automatically, ensuring maximum security of the video surveillance network. Using the dedicated app, the operator can scan the network and link to a particular camera. Once the connection is established, the operator can watch live streaming or adjust the base optical parameters, including the automatic focus option. The smartphone app (Android/iOS) facilitates rapid and economical positioning and calibration of the camera. The system is designed to allow a single operator to configure the camera independently.

investment protection

aesthetic impact

Spark cameras are meticulous in detail: the aesthetic is developed and designed by Italian designers, in line with world-renowned Italian style.

availability over time

Spark guarantees the long-term availability of its products,  in order to safeguard its clients’ investment in security for as long as possible. Spark’s “Industrial” range offers up to 7 years’ availability of cameras and parts.

immediate upgrade

The Spark production strategy allows clients to retain great versatility with regular upgrades. Technology makes it possible to purchase cameras which are increasingly powerful, yet use the same mounts and configurations. So your security system can be improved step by step, where the need is greatest.