Stadium  Solution

All infrastructures that host important events have specific security requirements linked to the large number of people present. It is thus essential to provide the operator with a global vision of all the areas that make up the stadium, in order to be able to extract the details as required.

In order to control the risk factors and to monitor the enormous numbers of people concentrated both inside and around the stadium – during sports events and concerts for example – we have developed technology which involves panoramic filming of the entire area, in order to allow the operator a full view of all parts of interest of the stadium.

Network data handling optimization also ensures top-quality live and recorded filming, both in the control tower and in the internal control rooms, optimizing band occupation.
A team of expert engineers is on hand to offer their experience and assistance in dealing with any kind of problem, to the highest quality standard.

The system is able to provide such detail as to make it possible to recognize an individual face even from a great distance, without the use of PTZ, and without losing the details of the total image, while zooming the suspect area.

Finally, immediate availability of top quality images and of videos with a very large number of images per minute means that surveillance personnel do not run the risk of losing any key information.



The “Mapei Stadium Città del Tricolore” is the sporting center of Reggio Emilia, a city in Northern Italy. It was established to host sport events and it is mainly used by the football team U.S. Sassuolo, a top half team in Italian “Serie A”. It is a modern stadium with a capacity of up to 25.000 seats.