Spark is able to boast years of experience in the transmission, recording and processing of images, and aspires to become a leading player on the world IP video surveillance scene.

These outstanding skills are used to develop unique video cameras, highly innovative in terms of both technology and functions and thus able to offer users images of unrivalled quality as well as a series of tools that are easy to use.

Spark can offer a complete range of solutions for both large and small-scale projects, invariably guaranteeing the complete integration of every component, as well as total reliability.

Image transmits information Image transmits emotions

We give vent to our passion for the image through the design and development of cutting-edge network cameras, applying all the professionalism and ethical approach of a team of experts dedicated to the study of the image in all its most complex aspects, and in particular, in professional security applications


The image has become an authentic instrument of communication: the latest way of transmitting information simply and quickly and sometimes also used as a means of transmitting emotions.