Logistic & Industries

Goods procurement, production and distribution are operations that are generally necessary for all companies the world over. Security issues relating to these operations often have serious economic consequences. An effective surveillance system should and must guarantee investment return, by preventing the risk of theft, damage and delays.

Businesses of all sizes, however, also always require a global vision that provides information on the entire scenario, including: production areas, agricultural land, machine inventory, warehouses, employee car-parks and corporate vehicle fleets. With Spark, observation of the scenario is not the only benefit.

The technology provided makes it possible to observe each detail, even at great distances, and the high number of images per second, the resolution rate – superior to that of any other security technology – and the extensive size of the space filmed makes it possible to analyze all unforeseen events or accidents, starting from the consequences in order to pinpoint the cause.

The shots of the transit areas, the staff and vehicle access points and the collective transit of both personnel and machinery within the entire operating area provide highly reliable work analysis instruments, as well as a series of high quality images and videos, which can also be used for marketing and promotional purposes.