Airport Solution

Within the airport infrastructure, as well as in the extensive external areas, top-quality images must be guaranteed throughout the entire area filmed, as well as top-quality detail enlargement, even at long distances, in order to monitor the position and movement of the aircraft, the logistics services and staff security.

Spark has developed a dedicated solution for the entire inner airport area, as well as the extensive external areas, which goes beyond the conventional technology currently used in video monitoring.
It ensures top quality images throughout the entire area filmed, even at long distances, for the monitoring of aircraft movement and positioning, logistics services and staff security.

The ultra-HD technology used quadruples the quality performance of a normal HD resolution, and facilitates inspection operations, thanks to its ability to concentrate into a single shot a resolution so high that it allows for the monitoring of the take-off/landing stages, runway transit operations, the bordering areas and the numerous access points to the external area.

Improved passenger and baggage security is also guaranteed by the search precision, both live and in feedback, of all the events in the scene, withclear, fluid images, and ultra-high-definition enlargements.

Network data handling optimization also ensures top-quality live and recorded filming,
both in the control tower and in the internal control rooms, optimizing band occupation.
A team of expert engineers is on hand to offer their experience and assistance in dealing with any kind of problem,
to the highest quality standard.