Video surveillance Stadium Frosinone

By 14/04/2017NEWS

The Benito Stirpe stadium in Frosinone will be safer thanks to the installation of a sophisticated video surveillance system made by Spark totaling nearly 70 cameras.

The project, presented by Simone Marchini (MSc.EE.) of the camera manufacturer company, has attracted considerable interest in the conference that took place at the Frosinone Police Department in the presence of Public Security Authorities, designers and high school students ” Giovanni Sulpicio ” from the Municipality of Veroli and engaged in a project to promote legality in the world of sport.

Cameras will be located at the strategic areas of the facility. Thanks to the system from Spark, it is now possible to cover extended areas by high video resolution, as Spark’s Marchini pointed out, “to safeguard supporters and help Policemen and security staff that now can count on the exceptional “zoom” capability that the new system provides.

Thanks to the new system – continued Spark’s expert – the operators can focus on a specific area without missing the whole context. Thanks to this highly sophisticated technology, it is possible to catch every detail in every single frame. “Marchini continued his illustration by showing to the audience the complete set of the system’s functionalities, already in use at Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia and made by Spark. The Mapei Stadium is similar to “Benito Stirpe” in Frosinone, both for the capacity of the Stadiums and for the geographical location that, in both cases, is in the peripheral area of the city.

At the conference, the Frosinone Police Chief, Dr. Filippo Santarelli said: “There is a commitment to building a stadium where video surveillance provides a fundamental contribution to the security of all supporters.

The Police, the Frosinone football association, engineers and entrepreneurs are committed to providing a modern facility, to be able to ensure sporting events are built on fun and safety. Police officers who will be involved at this stage will have a key role. When structures are fit, the law enforcement commitment is eased and possibly reduced. The goal is to have full stadium with less law enforcement. ”

“Together with the head of Police”, said Commissioner Substitute, Dr. Stefano Mancini, “we believe we shall start a legal process starting from school. That is why we have involved the students in the third and fourth years of the “Giovanni Sulpicio” High School of Veroli. “


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